The Gals

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  • Tricia Dabney

    Owner/Interior Designer

    Tricia grew up on a farm in Biggsville, IL, with her father, Ray Fogarty. Most of her earlier jobs included baling hay, moving livestock and destasseling corn. While going to college she worked at Larry Baker Decorating in Monmouth, IL for four years selling flooring, paint, wallpaper and more.
  • Bryann Agajanian

    Assistant to Tricia Dabney, Lead Interior Designer

    Bryan has been in the interior design business for a little over 2 years now. She had taught preschool for 12 years while her kids were young. She decided to retire as a preschool teacher once her and her family moved to Texas in 2017 and went back to school to pursue her dream of becoming aninterior designer. Design has always been something she has been passionate about, whether ti was helping her Oma set a tablespace or redecorating and rearranging furniture ni her own home. Design si a reflection of someone, and she loves making people's spaces a reflection of them and their everyday life.
  • Valli Daniel

    Interior/Showroom Designer

    Valli always loved to design, even before she knew that’s what she was doing. From an early age she loved anything to do with color, texture, furniture, and accessories. She was obsessed with dollhouses growing up and was constantly changing the fabrics and wallpapers as styles changed. Her mom had wonderful tastes and had Interior Designers decorate their homes- always letting Valli tag along.
  • Minka Judson

    Showroom Sales

    Minka Judson uses her amazing gifts of warmth & enthusiasm working with our in-store customers and pitching in with whatever is needed, in addition to her "real job" as a local teacher. A dear friend of Tricia, Minka has a love for High Cotton & a dedication to whatever she does that inspires us all.