High Cotton Home Design

Valli Daniel

Valli always loved to design, even before she knew that’s what she was doing. From an early age she loved anything to do with color, texture, furniture, and accessories. She was obsessed with dollhouses growing up and was constantly changing the fabrics and wallpapers as styles changed. Her mom had wonderful tastes and had Interior Designers decorate their homes- always letting Valli tag along.

She grew up in Denver Colorado and the only thing that kept her from being completely “artsy” was skiing, which for a few months out of the year took up her free time. She attended Colorado State University with an interior design internship and then set her goal on The University of Texas at Austin, where she received her degree in Interior Design with a minor in Architecture.

Over the many years she has designed Country Clubs, professional offices retail establishments, and many wonderful homes.

Throughout many great chapters in her design career and personal life, her husband, Ralph has supported her whims for 36 years. They have two beautiful children, Drew and Skyler. Her favorite part of being a designer are the friendships she has developed along the way. She loves getting to know people when learning their likes and dislikes, and creating something beautiful that works for all.

I love Interior Design because it’s HAPPY! It’s my job to make the clients love their surroundings and put a smile on their faces as they start each day. Whether it is their home, office or business, there is such a deep-rooted comfort in loving where you live or where you spend your time. I am so excited for this new chapter. Tricia and the girls at High Cotton are beautiful inside and out and we all have our own talents. High Cotton will always be changing, keeping up with the styles and trends, but constant in being unique, beautiful and friendly. Come and see us and be part of the family!

Valli Daniel - Interior/Showroom Designer